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Gamepad help
Hey guys.. I have a new xiaomi gamepad which I bought recently. I tried to use x360ce on pcsx2 but it doesn't work. Is there anyway for me to make the xiaomi gamepad to work with the pcsx2?

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can't you map it in lilypad using dinput ?
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Yes it works now but for some reason I can't map the analog keys. And so I can't use the analogs.
(05-20-2016, 01:02 PM)cranedrio Wrote: Yes it works now but for some reason I can't map the analog keys. And so I can't use the analogs.
Hi cranedrio,

I have the same issue with the analogs. However, i manager to solve the problem after few tries of configuring the key.
The major problem i faced is that whichever analog i press (Left Up, down, left, right), it will always link to Y-rotation -.

To fix this, i perform the step as below:
1. Configure the 1st key (Left Analog - Up) with Y Rotation - (just push your left analog UPWARDS)
2. Configure the 2nd (Left Analog - Left). It will always try to link to Y Rotation -, keep trying (By pushing the left analog to the LEFT, wrong then press the button and push again) until it successfully configured to X Axis -. Remember press 'Apply' to save the setting after that.
3. Follow on the configuration by repeating step 2
(Left Analog - Right) X Axis +
(Left Analog - Down) Y Rotation +
(Right Analog - Up) Z Rotation -
(Right Analog - Down) Z Rotation +
(Right Analog - Left) Z Axis -
(Right Analog - Right) Z Axis + 
*This has to be very patience, as the setting will try to recognize all the analog you press to Y Rotation -, keep trying until you achieve the above setting, remember to press 'Apply' to save after each successful key binding.
4. Finally, Delete the Duplicate Key using the Y Rotation - (This key will eventually there when trying to configure the step 2-3, but it will bind to a wrong key)
5. After deleted the key which is bind to Y Rotation -. Configure a new (Left Analog - Up), and this key is correct with the Y Rotation -.
6. Configure the remaining key as per normal, remember to press 'Apply' for each successful key, as press a button such as SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE will also happen to bind the key to Y Rotation -.

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