Gamepad moving system cursor

I am on a Dual Monitor Win 10 system, with a Logitech F310 Gamepad. I configured PCSX2 to XInput and defaults.

When running a game in PCSX2 (in Full Screen on monitor 1), the keypad inputs seem to make it into the game OK. But they are also driving the Windows cursor, so as I move around the cursor drifts outside the game. Then when I hit the X or Circle buttons, they pass through to where the cursor is as left and right mouse buttons.

Is PCSX2 supposed to capture those, or is there a system setting I am missing to divorce the gamepad from the mouse ?

Dale Pennington

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Your gamepad is likely set to register with Windows as a mouse device. You will need to refer to the manual for the device as to figure out how to stop that. That is not something PCSX2 itself will have any bearing on.
Researched the Logitech web site, it was not much direct help. But noticed by pad was an XInput device, so I disabled DirectInput in the pad configuration, and it now appears to work OK. Still have a request in to Logitech, as their Gaming support software does not even recognize the pad.
Not a fix after all. Seemed to work one time, then back to moving the mouse cursor. Still investigating
At first pass that does appear to have fixed the issue. My guess is Win10 is automatically passing XInput to OS as well as app. While DirectX does not.

I will be giving it a bit more of a workout to be sure though

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