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Gamepad pressure sensitive buttons
I read that LilyPad supports pressure sensitive buttons, so I was curious why I had to use the kludge for the infamous Star Ocean 3 dragon flute thing.

Opened up the config and looked at the settings:

As you can see from the screenshot when I clicked button 2, it went straight from 0.000 to 1.000, with no inbetween values. To contrast, the analog sticks correctly show gradually increasing values.

Does this mean my gamepad hardware doesn't have pressure sensitivity for the buttons other than the analog sticks? It's not an expensive pad but it's not one of those cheap ripoffs either - it's a usb Logitech dual-action (p/n: 863247-0010) gamepad. It works fine for like 99% PS2 games since they don't care about how hard you press the buttons, but I'm trying to replay The Bouncer out of nostalgia - it was my very first PS2 game Tongue2 - and whaddya know, that game has pressure sensitivity to all 3 attack buttons.

If my Logitech gamepad is the problem, can you guys suggest gamepads that do have pressure sensitive buttons? If it isn't, how do I get LilyPad to show that button pressure is indeed being accepted and not simply directly jumping from 0.000 to 1.000?
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Logitech dual-action only has the analog buttons as pressure sensitive as far as I know.
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Google hasn't been much help, so thanks for confirming it's my Logitech gamepad which is the problem. Now I guess I need to determine WHAT gamepad I should buy to replace it. Can't bring my pc to the shop and start plugging in random gamepads to see whether LilyPad shows them supporting pressure sensitivity so I'm open to suggestions here.
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Logitech controllers in general are NOT pressure Sensitive, neither are Saitek ones.

as far as normal ones go.. - that should work Tongue
logitech do not have pressure sensor?wrong

i own this one for 7 years.
I own a rumblepad, it's not pressure sensitive
(01-30-2011, 11:01 PM)IcemanSR Wrote: logitech do not have pressure sensor?wrong

i own this one for 7 years.

Its got pressure sensitive triggers not buttons.
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Thanks. Been seeing mostly Logitechs and Saiteks down here at the 3rdparty shops. The X360 controller is kinda awkward, might get it if there's no other choice. I heard the Dualshock 3 works with an additional driver download - the instructions look straightforward, anyone here done this? Would be the preferred choice as it's physically pretty much the same as the one I've been using.
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As far as I know, the only way to get full DS2-style pressure sensitive buttons with LilyPad is to use a DS3 along with libusb0. More DirectInput games don't handle pressure sensitive buttons (The default DirectInput joystick interfaces used by almost all games don't support pressure sensitive buttons, so doesn't make much sense for DirectInput devices to implement them), and XBox 360 controllers only have two analog triggers.
Good to know ChickenLiver, thanks. Saves me the trouble of testing a bunch of controllers, heh. Shops are closed for Chinese New Year over here, else I'd have bought a PS3 Dualshock 3 already. I'd try with my friend's PS3 but he's away.
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