Gamepad working in Ubuntu, not in pcsx2
I bought this cheap gamepad 'MS Industrial 3in1 console for PC,PS2,PS3'
It is recognized in Ubuntu 15.10 by jstest-gtk as ShanWan PS3/PC Gamepad

[Image: n2vxow8.png]

It is also recognized by OnePAD plugin. It reacts in config plugin when I press some buttons. However, it does not work in a game. Am I doing somethis wrong? The game is PES.

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Ok, I apologize. In OnePAD configuration I needed to press and setup every single button on a gamepad. pcsx2 was configured for keyboard and I thought it can be set for both at the same time. I can confirm that this gamepad is working with Ubuntu 15.10 x64 (4.2.0-22-generic kernel) and pcsx2 1.3.1-0 (git) nicely. And it was only 10$ in a local store Smile

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