Gamer specs and lag
hey everybody, i have a good specs but when i will play shadow of colossus or God of war , it's so laggy Sad i dont know why :s

i already tested different version of pcsx2 "0.9.6,0.9.7" the lag is still hereSad

i give you my pc specs & my pcsx2 option

thanks for read & btw i will to record pcsx2 using in built recorder Sad

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1)You are using an alpha 0.9.7 version of PCSX2 which is NOT supported in this forum. Use 0.9.6 or beta 1888 to get support here.
2)Disable VU cycle stealing, it can reduce speed when it is set that high
3)Your PC is not that good for PCSX2. How many FPS do you get?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i can get 150 fps but isn't real 150 fps :s
See #2. It can also report wrong FPS.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
im gonna download betta 1888 and show you ingame screenshoot with fraps Wink
i get between 36 - 41 ingame :s is so laggy

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