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Firstly I apologize for my poor english. (I’m french)

So I'm using ICE ( to run my games through steam.

Is it possible to launch the game with steam but a full launch (with the ps2 intro) I don't wan't a quick launch when i'm launching my game through steam.

Why? Because during a quick launch some of my games are in english by default and when a "complete launching" (with the ps2 intro) my games are in french by default.

So is it possible to configure how my game will be launch? by default a full launch.

Thanks for your reply :-)

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By full launch, do you mean the full boot function ? If yes, I don't think there is any way to override the language settings rather than using full boot.
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Yes I want to configure a full boot by default. It's not possible to configure that? I have to launch manually a full boot by myself?
You have to find the command line arguments of pcsx2 in your steam account. Add '--fullboot' without the '.

Using the example configuration from the ICE webpage:
command=%l %r
needs to be adjusted to:
command=%l %r --fullboot

or something like that...
thanks it works fine!

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