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Games Slight jump and constantly Crash "pcsx2 has stopped working"
Aw, it's only 452,806 code lines...LOL

Hey, I cracked it because me smart !!


So... where's my CEO job at Microsoft..and ASUS...
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(01-22-2013, 09:22 AM)jesalvein Wrote: wait... everything has crashed, so it's not the games ?
How did you dump them ? What software did you use ?

correct. that would need a major rewrite of the core.
Feel free to bring your programming skills to the project using google code home page :

Not a coder lol but know a bit about coding to kn ow the basics. On the dumping tried IMGburn (my main software) and also tried the old nero too with settings i found around the web for dumping ps2 isos. Wasnt the games ruled that out. I think it either hardware/settings related or W8. Gonna play more at 2X today and see if theres any crashes didnt get any for an hour last night so looking good. Also note here on GS window in emulation settings i treid to set to HD as was unsure what these settings were for and it set itself to 1904x1032. Could that be something? Like i'm pushing the res above the window or something?
Okay well after six hours none stop playing not one crash I guess it was the resolution or GS settings I changed both and a bit of stuttering now and then but not one crash Smile
I would guess that the resolution you've picked, along with the game just eats too much memory. you might get reasonable results by using the 4GB Patch from ntcore on your pcsx2 exe, that may allow the higher resolutions to work. In fact I'd be interested to know if it does ;p
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