Games freeze when controller rumbles with Mayflash PC013 adapter
I've had this problem with nearly every emulator I use that uses force feedback and it has spanned 3 operating systems in both 32 & 64 bit flavors and I wonder if I'm the only one or if there is a fix or bug report, whatever. Smile

I have the Mayflash PC013, a 2-port USB to PS/PS2 controller adapter and have used it with both the SCPH-1200 & SCPH-10010 contollers in Windows XP (32), Vista (64) and 7 (64) with drivers from Mayflash's website.

This problem also happens with ePSXE & Psxemulator.

Basically when the game sends the rumble command to the controller, the controller in turn vibrates, the emulator freezes, and I have to do some funky quit command to see the desktop again. Even after the emu has been terminated, the controller continues to vibrate until I unplug it from the controller port on the usb adapter. When I plug it back in, the pad is reset. The freezing doesn't always happen immediately. Sometimes I can play for an hour; sometimes 2 minutes.

I haven't had this problem with any Windows games using the adapter & controllers outside of emulating PS/PS2. IMHO, it's because none of them support any kind of force feedback, rumble, or vibrate functionality.

The only common themes: 1) games that rumble 2) mayflash pc0013

The OS has changed over the years, Both controllers work fine on my real PS2, the driver for the PC0013 has been updated over the last 4 years, if I play without rumble enabled, I don't seem to have any trouble.

Any ideas? (other than don't enable rumble?) Cool

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I have this exact same problem with the same item. I can get it to unfreeze by unplugging the controller. I too would like a solution to this. I will keep seeing what i can do if you didnt find a solution yourself.
I've been wondering for the last 3-4 years what the solution might be if it existed. I forgot to mention in my original post that it doesn't matter what computer I've used, it freezes on every computer. FWIW, it's probably the mayflash adapter itself. My guess is the device doesn't handle electricity properly and causes the adapter to reset or otherwise do something unexpected by the emulators.
even just testing the force feedback even in control panel/game controllers causes it to freeze until i disconnect the adapter.

well to be specific, I have a "super box4" adapter, but it's the same outcome and the setup345 is the one I have to use. I'm going to blame the drivers myself, but hope that someone *might* have a solution. Not likely though, but worth a try.

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