Games launching on opposite monitor
Hi, I've just started using PCSX2, I've got everything setup except I have one issue. The game always launches on the non-primary monitor. This is a problem because I'm trying to stream the game to my TV using my Steam Link. When I launch a game it doesn't appear on my TV because it's on the opposite monitor. My dual monitors are setup like this:

[Monitor 2] [ Monitor 1]

I use 'Monitor 2' as my primary monitor because its newer (its set as primary in display settings), but the games always launch on the opposite (non-primary) monitor. I tried changing steam big picture to use 'Monitor 1' to try fixing it, but then the game launched on 'Monitor 2'. Steam Big Picture launches official steam games on the correct primary monitor. So I try without Steam completely, same display issue. I can use Shift+Windows+Arrow Key to move it to the correct monitor but that messes up the gamepad in Steam Big Picture

I'm baffled, and possibly stupid. Does the monitor identity numbers matter? can I change them if they do? or is there a setting in PCSX2 I've missed?

I just want the games to launch on the monitor set as primary. I know I could just disable my second monitor, but doing this every time I want to play a PS2 game is pretty inconvenient.

I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0 on my Windows 8.1 System.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Just realised there was an nvidia driver update released yesterday on geforce experience, updated it and this issue is resolved. My bad. Feel free to delete this thread. #100%Idiot

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