Games list covering speed?
Basically what I am looking for is a games list not unlike the compatibility list (or perhaps a extension to the compatibility list) which would state that not only is it playable but has some sort of rating on how hard it is to achieve full FPS. ie. Playable - Heavy, Playable - Medium, Playable - Light. Representing that the game is playable but has heavy/medium/light system requirements.

I know you have the "Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer?" topic. But that is far to general. Some PS2 games are very easy to run full FPS and others are practically impossible with most computers.

If there is no list can anyone just simply suggest me PS2 RPG's (or just good PS2 games) where full FPS is easily achievable.

For reference I was able to do a full play through of Odin's Sphere (some scenes slowed down but it wasn't that bad and the action areas were full FPS) but a game like God of War is unplayable on my computer due to low FPS.

EDIT: Oh I was also for reference I was also able to play Shadow Hearts at full FPS.

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