Games looking like crap at 6x res
I noticed this with The Bouncer long ago, and to a lesser extent with the first Zero/Fatal Frame. But neither game holds a candle to what I saw today!

^ Soft/native

^ 2x res

^ 6x res (it actually looks worse now!)

^ 6x res + 4x msaa

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

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It's mostly 2D except for some background 3D stuff? So changing internal res has minimal to no effect
[Image: newsig.jpg]
It does look kinda 2.5D but if that's the case I'd think some graphics would get broken when I change the aspect ratio, but no such thing happened... Very odd
This is an overlay filter of some sort, it happens in a couple other games as well.
The filter scales badly with increased resolution.

Try the skipdraw hack and see if it goes away.
Good idea, sadly it didn't work. Tried random values from 1-100, even 1000 Tongue (nothing changed, no effect at all)
Gunslinger Girls? Smile
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yeah i really have to find a copy of em on ebay or something

wanted the games for a while

^^ so thanks for reminding me about them!!
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