Games not responding to controller??
Am not using a XBOX 360 and not using a PS/2. I am utilizing the PS/2 emulator PCSX2. This seems to work fine for games like 'Champions of Norrath' and 'Baldur's Gate-Dark Alliance II'. The problem (so far) is with 'Final Fantasy X' & 'Phantasy Star Universe'. Neither of these two games seem to fail to respond to the click on any button on the controller I am using (a GameStop unit). For example, I get to the screen in FFX where the selection is for 'New Game' or 'Load' and have no success beyond that point and similar lack of success with 'Phantasy Star'. Do I need to invest $50+ on a OEM Sony controller? What guarantee is there that it will solve the lack of response issue???? THANX to anyone who can point me in the right direction. It would be a nice birthday present since I will be 81 on the 29th of October!!!

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