Games not running in 0.9.7
I have downloaded pcsx2 0.9.7 recently on windows vista and i can't seem to run any games bios load correctly, plugins too but when the emulator starts (i've tried gta san andreas and mk armageddon both by creating iso from a dvd) it gets to this screen
[Image: unledlv.jpg]
and when i select playstation 2 disc the screen blacks out and after a couple of seconds it comes back to the same screen..
Please someone tell me what i'm doing wrong..
And thanks for this emulator
image doesnt seem to work so please check this link

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Use the ISO selector, browse for the game's ISO, go to System and click Reboot CDVD (fast). If that didn't work, go read the configuration guide.
never mind it works now problem was the software i used to make the iso file... thanks anyway and another question if you may what can i do to have the best speed on my pc?

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