Games run fine but program is slow
Most of the games I've tried playing were running at around 60 fps, with little to no problems during the actual gameplay. However, whenever I start pcsx2, change plugin settings, iso, save state, or do anything related to the actual emulator, it takes a really long time to do so, to the point where the programs stops responding for a few minutes every time i try to load a savestate. It never had this problem before on my desktop which had a much worse cpu (pentium d and windows xp) but it does have this problem on my laptop (i7 with windows 7). Does anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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bump. Does no one else have this problem or know what could be the issue. If you need more information you can just ask.
Try using the binary package, just extract it to a simple location like C:\PCSX2 and just run the .exe inside that folder, see if it does the same.
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Sadly C:\Program Files (x86) is the default install location for Windows... and many (I should say ALL) games which rely on plugins and/or mods have issues running from there, ranging from being unable to save configuration to "missing" (actually moved to hidden directories) files and almost all type of problems one could imagine. This is valid for native PC games too, not only emulators.

So, never will be too much to repeat over and over, avoid installing games in those "default" directories or in any other "specially protected" Windows folder, like Documents and so on. Just Create a common user's made directory, something like C:\Games or even another partition like D:\Games ... and be used to install all your games there... this will spare you from many headaches in near future.

PS: For clearness sake, is not wrong to keep config or save files inside the "Documents" folder, just don't install, and do not run applications from inside those protected directories.
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