Games run much worse from disk
I never got rid of my old PS2 game collection, they were all stored in a dark cupboard and still in perfect condition - this is nice Smile

However, playing games on PCSX2 from the disk is bad (slow, graphics glitches etc) compared to running from the hard drive. I understand read speed is slower on disk, but I don't see how this should affect the game once loaded? I don't mind copying the games to ISO but would rather save HDD space. Is there a setting I can improve playing from the disk?

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Playing from disc can be somewhat slower, loading times can be a bit longer and game might stall for a second or so if the game is loading a lot of data during gameplay. If it's worse than it might be that your disc drive is slow/outdated. You could try going to Config > Emulation Settings > Speedhacks tab, and enable the "enable Fast CDVD" hack and see if that helps.

I've never seen any graphical glitches that only occured when playing from disc though. Are you sure there isn't some setting causing it?
(02-17-2017, 06:31 PM)FlatOut Wrote: Are you sure there isn't some setting causing it?

Smile I'm not sure. This is what I'm asking really.
Some games load data from the disk constantly,other only what is needed for the current area/room/screen.

When you play from the disk,the disk becomes hotter.
The pc drive works differently compared to the ps2 drive and some games are barely playable because of that(for example Ar Tonelico 2 battles becomes harder when you play from the disk because the game loads data in the worst possible time)

I don't think there is anything you can do to improve the loading from the disk
I tested a couple more disks last night and they ran fine. Must be hit and miss.
As I said,it depends on the game.
Some games can run for a while even if you eject the disk.
I remember I was playing some game for a while by just loading a save state(without the disk/image)
Remember Tales of the Abyss where you could open up the PS2 while on the world map, to get to areas you're not supposed to yet? Laugh
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