Games slow way down?
I have tried searching through the forum and going through the setup guide but haven't had any luck solving my problem yet. So here's what happens:

The whole emulator works great, especially on cut scenes and load screens, I get about 60fps. However, once the game gets to a point where I am in control (menus, gameplay, etc) the whole thing drops to 20 or 30fps. I have tried using multiple variances of the speedhack settings, but no solution.

Anyone have any ideas?
Here are some of my specs:
HP Pavilion rating 4.9

Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2GHz
4GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4650

I have found some configurations that let me get a good framerate, however the game has extremely fuzzy and impossible to play because I can't see anything. =/
Windows Vista 64-bit

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Well, your processor is pretty slow, that's probably why.
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you never said which game...
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Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2GHz

Nuff said, need more CPU
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yeah, but depending on the game it shouldn't be that slow, even if the game is 3d (except GoW and MGS3 Dx)
post games and configuration
My Laptop:
CPU: intel T4200 @ 2.0 ghz
GPU: Intel GMA X4500M
Ram: 3 Gb DDR2
SO: WinVista Home Premium // Windows 7 Ultimate x32
Dude yeah. 2ghz is VERY slow for pcsx2. It might play 2d games and all. But all 3d titles will be slow with that PC. It's a bottleneck for sure.
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eh... with speedhacks newest beta and a couple configuration settings it can play many games well enough, doesnt change the fact that we cant really recommend much without knowing what game is it.
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Yeah, true. But in this case sounds like dude was more or less just lambasting his overall speed across the platform. In which case, I say, upgrade.
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I have this problem with Star Ocean, but since I've played it millions of times before I know how to navigate through the flickering with VU cycle stealing at max.

I suggest trying it at middle with all speed hacks enabled, also with microVU0/1 enabled. It may not give you 60 FPS, I only get about 30FPS in Star Ocean since I have a 2.1Ghz turionx2 and a 7150m on my laptop. Iunno how this will change other games since I haven't tried it on Harvest Moon or Kingdom Hearts yet, but I'm sure it'll give an over-all boost to FPS.

If you can try over-clocking your CPU by a small amount. I know on my laptop overclocking it by a very slight amount helped majorly, Iunno if that's the same on desktops though.
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I have a 2 Ghz core 2 duo and I can get quite a few 3D games working on it. FFX is at 60 fps almost all the time, FFx-2 and 12 run full speed a lot with fps dips in graphic intensive scenes but still otherwise playable. All 3 suikoden games are playable as well. 2D games run full speed. My room mate's Marvel vs Capcom 2 game runs full speed in software mode with no speed hacks.

Just mess around with the speedhacks and have gsdx on hardware mode with native resolution. The best speed hack combination I seem to have found that works with my comp is to have the X2 cycle rate, all 3 speed hacks in the middle enabled, both microVU hacks, and VU cycle stealing set to moderate.

By the way enabling 8 bit textures seems to work wonders with FF12. The latest beta is definitely the best yet.

What games are you trying to play?

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