Games that push the ps2 to its limits
Are there actual games that push the PS2 to the point of slowdown, much like Megaman did with the NES?

I've been playing a PAL version of WWE Smackdown VS RAW 2009 and noticed that the FPS drops to 40 to 45 (from 50) when I play large rumble matches with 6 or more wrestlers. At first I assumed that it was because I was running off a disc, so I ripped it to an ISO using DVD Decrypter. Nothing changed. Then I eventually assumed that it was just one of those games, like Bleach Blade Battlers, that my PC can't run at full speed all the time (I am able to play all of my other discs at full speed).

Then recently, after finding out that setting the EE Rec clamping to full will fix a lot of the FFX glitches I have been experiencing at the cost of speed, I turned it on full time. I can still play all of my discs at full speed even with clamping set to full. I checked out Smackdown VS Raw again, expecting the FPS for large rumble matches to crawl even lower, but the FPS I got was still within the 40 to 45 range. Nothing changed at all.

So is this normal? Am I playing WWE Smackdown VS Raw at the speed a normal PS2 would play it?
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Pop in a dynasty warrior game... Especially in 2 player mode. Even on real hardware it causes frame skip and slowdown occasionally

Such instances are rare, and games that push a system "beyond it's limits" often have built in frame skipping mechanisms (like SotC)
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we (my brother and I) got 6 on PS3 to do that too these games are VERY intense, give those a shot lol

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