Games that should dont work
Ive been trying out the emulator (thanks for the hard work) and several games that are reproted as working dont. Ive tried all of the Xenosaga games, Star ocean 3, and a couple more. With these games im hanging at the opening playstation logo when the game is booting up. Ive gotten a few other games to work, Devil May Cry 2 and FF XII, but all the others hang (all games are ntsc). With no game in I get the correct consol control and everything else, Any ideas would be appreciated.


AMD Phenom 9850 Quad core, 64 bit 2.54 GHz
4 Gig Ram
1 Gig ATI HD 3600 series video card
Vista 64 bit

attached is an image of it at hang.

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For Star Ocean 3, did you activate the fix for tri-star games in the game fixes menu?
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All games you mentioned work (and many people have also finished them on PCSX2). So your configuration is faulty. Post your settings and plugins usedso we can help more
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