Games which work with VM but not with VTLB???
Since the VM build WILL be dropped
I thought let's do what we can to help to make things easier

so let's make a list of games which don't work with VTLB but work with the VM build

~List of Games~

Crash TwinSanity (rev 661 goes ingame no reports of full playability present)
Dead to rights 1
Ghost Hunter
Mana Khemia
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence
We <3 Katamari!

Chicken is not Vegan?


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Why don't you start with yours first?
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I like the idea of this thread. If there are any games which work in vm and do not work in vtlb, let us know. We'll try it possible to take a look at them.
We love Katamari killed by VTLB... or am i just doing it wrong? Anyway its works on first PG release and crashes emu now
Well games that work on VM and not on VTLB is the .hack//G.U. series.
We <3 Katamari works if booted with execute instead of run cd.

Although as with allgames, booting from execute makes patches not work, so the video isn't being skipped, thus it hangs.

(Editing my previous post just created a new one, excellent)
dot hack//G.U crash at start with vtlb ,but dosent crash with vm

sorry didnt read the how thread
Ghost Hunter works in VM version, but not in vtlb. The emulator crashes the second the game is run.
Old habits die hard - System Shock
Fate : Unlimited Codes, crash with vltb...
with vm, only got 25-30 fps in battle.
(01-25-2009, 09:04 AM)jap_yuuki Wrote: Fate : Unlimited Codes, crash with vltb...
with vm, only got 25-30 fps in battle.

It works perfectly with vtlb.

People, some more explanations would be nice to hear. Like, what is last printed on console XD

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