Games wont load.
Hello, Im new to emulating PS2 games and can't seem to get any of them work.

I've tried 2 games:
- Burnout 3 (later I saw that it doesn't work)
- Ratchet and clank 3

Burnout 3 got stuck at the beginning and Ratchet and clank 3 got stuck
at planet loading screen.

Is this just for me or does those games just don't work.

Thanks in advance!

- i5 750 @ 3,7gHz
- GTX 260
- 2*2GB ram


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Use the latest beta 1888 and March 11 beta plugin pack (SPU2-X as sound plugin is required for Burnout 3). Both should work (with bugs) then.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Okey thanks, I will try that out. Digimon rumble arena 2 wasn't working either and sonic collection were very slow.
You could try changing a few settings in graphics or plugins. Sometimes a plugin or a setting just doesn`t work right with a certain game.

ZeroGS plugin sometimes surprises me. A game runs either really good, or really bad.

GSdx plugin should always work: You can try and run a game in software mode. it`ll be slow, but at least you`ll know it runs.
In hardware mode, that`s usually where most games run well. Also, for the screen size, pick native mode to ensure less trouble.

Framerate issues (slow games) can sometimes be fixed using the "speed hacks".

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