Gauntlet: Dark Legacy slow
Tried playing Gauntlet Dark Legacy and the animation is slow at about 20-30fps.

As a side note: The intro loading the PS2 is a little "glitchy" as well.

Heres the plugins in use
[Image: Bilderman201007065-19-21PM-1.png]

PC Specs -
-Windows XP Home Media Center 2005 (32-bit)
--AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+
-3.50 GB of Ram

Any suggestions? Perhaps what plugins were used for successful play through.
Also, could it just be my computer doesnt have the the CPU speed for PS2 emulation?
Gauntlet : Dark Legacy does have a decent amout of background movement.


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Your Cpu is definetly a possible issue. I dont have the game myself so I dont know how demanding it is. Aslo is there a specific reason you are using ZeroGs as graphic plugin? Its very old and gsdx is faster and more compatible.
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I have been messing with the "speed hacks" and i can make the game get to about 55fps (average) or so.

If i walk around certain areas, depending on background, i do not need the speed hacks on.

No real reason im using it. I will try the on you mentioned.
Using GSdx will most likely be a nice speedup.
You say you're seeing 55FPS already, so a mild CPU overclock might be all that's needed
to enjoy this game full speed Smile
Yeah, switching the plugin did help the speed a little.

Seems i can run the game okay, been playing through it some just to see.
Seems when theres too much background effects, IE fire effects (torches) my computer slows down.

Turned off all speed hacks and game is running at 60fps at the moment.

Im worried about the levels that supply more creatures.

Thanks for the replys, im up for trying anything Smile
Seems the game play is decent, can switch on all the speed hacks to make the game play run about 40fps when things get busy and cause a slow down.

When there is no in game slow, i am able to run fine with no speed hacks up.

Any suggestions on a plugins that might help with speed?

Also, in the PCSX2 settings System>Enable Patches, you are able to check this--what patches does this pertain to?

Also in, Config>Patches (unimplemented) -- what is this pertain to?

*thanks again
I have the SAME ISSUE! yet I have an Asus ROG G750JW and I have 10gb Ram and Everything is updated/upgraded and yet this game IS STILL slow/laggy in certain areas probably in major areas of the game :/
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