General Poor Performance
I have been trying for the last month or so to get PCSX2 to run at something resembling a playable speed, but there does not seem to be anything I can do. I have read every tutorial I can find multiple times and none of the "solutions" offered seem to do anything.

I have the resolution set at native, with absolutely no graphical enhancements of any kind, and I still can't run anything properly.

I figure there has to be some option I am just not changing, but I can't seem to figure out what it is... If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it, I am about at the end of my rope here lol.

Basic PC Specs:
i7 3.8 Ghz
8GB RAM 2133 Mhz
GTX 580
Windows 7

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Firstly make sure you are using the latest SVN, tick the "MTVU" speedhack, that will make quite a difference on your PC. Mine is the i7 920 @ 3.6Ghz and not a lot runs below full speed.

It would also help to know what games you're trying for any further help.
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Are the general emu settings at default? You processor and GPU are fairly powerful so something is up... they possibly aren't enter performance mode, either.
I was told awhile back, I can't remember where exactly, that you should always use the latest SVN to ensure decent performance. So I am using the one that just got released today, everything is still just as slow. I tried with the MTVU speedhack on and off, I don't notice any difference.

As for what games, any really, but I have had concrete problems with:
Ridge Racer 5
Rule of Rose
Silent Hill 2
Devil May Cry

Pretty much my entire collection.

I mean there HAS to be something I am overlooking, its like there is a "make game run" button that I can't find or something.

I was very interested when i heard about this emulator because my Playstation 2 games look like crap on HDTVs, and I saw some screenshots of what this program is capable of and I wanted it, maybe its useful to keep my PS2 games around after all! The problem persists no matter if I am using the actual discs or an ISO of them, both third party and ripped by me.
The GSdx of the latest SVN is under development and could have some performance problems. SVNs should be considered bleeding edge nightly builds, which can potentially have game breaking changes, so always fall back to a stable release if you get problems with them.

Also check your CPU speed while running PCSX2 (with cpu-z). Is it 3,8 Ghz or is your CPU clocked down from some speed step tech?
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Try presets 4-5. That's probably the closest thing to "make my game run faster" button which PCSX2 can offer. In gsdx, select native resolution, allow 8-bit textures (due to your powerful gpu) and make sure the renderer is set to hardware (DX9/10/11). And, as suggested, MTVU.
Have you enabled high performance profile in power options??
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yeah sounds like some serious pc problem going on here, could you check your cpu temp while running pcsx2 with a program like real temp, and make sure its clocking up past its idle speed and not overheating.

also to eliminate the CPU as a problem do the games run any better when you switch to software mode (press F9)

another thing you could keep an eye out for is if your video card is stuck in its p12 state (you can check this in a program like nvidia inspector) it should be in p0 mode when operating in 3D and p12 when idle. in some drivers people have reported problems with the clock speed being stuck at 51 mhz in p0, so something you should check out and make sure its not happening.

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