General compile and linux questions
I compiled a RELEASE rev 5412 of pcsx2 on Ubuntu with compile flags -O2 and -march=native and well it did work but :
  • I didn't notice a speed-up from a pre-compiled version
  • Is there a problem with multi-threading with linux version of PCSX2?
  • Not really important: OpenGL version of Gsdx produce just a black screen but the “official” 1.0.0 version (rev 5350) of PCSX2 on linux was ok
Thanks for any (good) answers =)

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For your first bullet point, I didn't notice a speed up either. Regarding multi threads, I assuming you are referring to extra SW rendering threads. It doesn't seem to have any impact right now. Here is a litle experiment in a post I did a few months ago.

Ironically, the old SDL GSdx 0.9.9 version from a about a year ago was faster than current OpenGL version but it didn't seem to work with all games, therefore less compatibile.

Regarding third bullet point, that is a another whole issue in itself. SVN Linux versions are changing rapidly lately and there are issues with the current state of GPU drivers, especially Radeon.

So to help with that you would need to mention your CPU, GPU, distro and if 32 or 64bit, proprietary driver or open source, game or games used, terminal and emulog issue being shown.
Well yes extra SW rendering and also MTVU, ok so multi-threading on linux is messed up for the time being :/

As I said it's not important I know the hardware opengl GSdx is quite experimental =D.
In fact, I've just noticed it's not just a black screen some element are just not rendered
I'm going to compile one of the latest rev to see if there's the same problem.

My config:
PhenomII 3.7Ghz
Nvidia GTX 550ti with official driver 304.43
(K)ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin 64 bit

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Interesting game format. I am not familiar with .mdf format. I know recommended format is iso from program like imgburn. It runs perfectly in Wine too. Maybe try that. Maje sure you try SW mode first as HW mode is still too quirky and unreliable.
With version 5537, it's really just a black screen on Gsdx opengl hardware. (the linux terminal log shows a couple of errors).
As for the mdf format its not that strange, it will work exactly as an iso

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We are mostly stuck on SW mode only for now until more bugs are worked out.

Can you make a quick test for me? In your last report you get those kind of errors:
Quote:0(451) : error C7011: implicit cast from "int" to "uint"
0(451) : error C7011: implicit cast from "int" to "uint"
Check previous error doesn't appears anymore on r5542. (if you're lucky it migh fix some rendering issues)
Not a problem, I'm compiling it now but I'll test it tomorrow.
[edit]Great there's no more error and the screens are fully rendered. I don't thing you need the log and screenshots? (if you want them, I can post them, it's not a problem). Thanks for your work!
Great. Thanks for the test.
Hi! I have the same problem. The terminal show the same error when I'm runnig PCSX2 (from ppa) on linux. I know that maybe you don't have time for a new update for the ppa but I would really appreciate if you can update it Smile. I had been looking how to compile the svn version but since I'm on 64 bits system a lot of information confuse me the best way to accomplish this task Sad (Or maybe is easier to install the svn version because I have installed the ppa version?)

Thanks for the help!

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