General question about Netplay / LAN function
Hello everybody,

maybe it's a stupid question, but I've been reading through the forum and various guides for hours now:
If I see that correctly, there is no Netplay function anymore with the current release, right?

So there is no way to play Gran Turismo 4 via LAN (on the same network) for the foreseeable future, right?

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Lanplay is there and works just like before. dev9ghz plugin may not have been included in the release but you can download it separately, also I have tested clr dev9 and that works fine too.
Thanks a lot for the quick answer.
If I see this correctly, WinPcap is required for LANplay - but this is now EOL and no longer works on Windows 10. Is there an alternative to this?

LANplay only works with games that explicitly support / contain this feature, right?

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