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General settings?
Right I've got the latest version which has solved some of the problems I've been having but has created more!

1)MGS 2 is unplayable, its fine until you get to be able to move around then its just rediculously laggy. It's the PAL version so are their still compatibility issues with that?

2)RE4 is ok now, it looks like ass with native settings but I've played around with it and I think I've got a decent setup. Everything is fine close up and the menus look great but things that are further away seem to move a bit slower and everything looks somewhat "ghostly". Is it's difficult to explain and for some reason printscreen isn't working (it just keeps copying an images of the forums and not my active PCSX2 window!) but everything is very blurry and dream like when you move around. It's ok when you stand still but it seems to have difficulty focusing. Also the sound is pretty bad, the music laggs quite badly especially as soon as you can move around and it seems to have trouble playing sounds at the right volume. Some sounds are fine then something will be really loud and/or crackled.

3)FFX use to run better than perfect but now I'm having a few issues, when I go into the menu everything slows down including the music and a few of the menu texts aren't displaying properly such as the airship menu the letters are greyed instead of solid.

Are there any settings anyone could recommend based on my PC and the games I'm trying to play?

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