Generic USB controller not being read at all
Let me get this part out of the way.  Yes I have tested this controller in windows and with every other emulator I have and it works perfectly.

So for some reason PCSX2 is listing default keybindings for all the keys this 10$ generic controller made by EtekCity.  I have not set any of them myself and yet after a fresh install the keybindings seem to be how they would be IF I had.

So I fire up a ISO and it doesn't register any button pushes.  I go back to the lilypad set up and when I test the controller I get ? for every value.  I then clear the settings and try to bind then on my own and get nothing too.

It literally worked 4 months ago when I started using the emulator and that controller but for some reason now I am getting nothing.

Any help would be appreciated here as I would like to avoid buying a PS3 controller to use with it.

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