Genji: Dawn of Samurai Black Screen [SOLVED]
ok, this is weird. For Genji: dawn of samurai, the compatibility list stated "playable". I can't get it to boot. All I have is black screen.
Try Zero or GSDX doesn't help. Have anyone tried successfully boot this before? thx

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what version u are using?
Can you post a screenshot?
also try to disable the speed hacks and enable the NATIVE option in GSdx config.
Hi how do you take screen shot? there is a prtScn button next to scrolllock button but it refused to work after I upgrade from XP to Vista.

I use 0.9.6
A note though, game seems to boot to Sony flash screen and dolby digital screen when I reboot my computer. But then it stuck at a black screen after the Dolby Digital Screen with 59-60fps and 1-5% CPU utilization. I use GSDX DirectX 10. Quad 6600, 4gb, Vista 64, ATI 4870. Redlof, I tried your suggestion with all speedhack disable and enable Native option. Game boot to cinematic and freeze at the middle. So I guess we made a little progress.

Switch to Zero (no AA enable), same thing happened. =(
BTW, if I press any button before the cinematic start or even when it begins to skip it, game will either freeze or stay @ the black screen. WTF??!?
YAY!!! IT SOLVED. All I need to do is change the sound plug in to PeOPS option instead of SPU2X. Work like a dream.

A NOTE TO ALL: If your game running @ 60 fps and only 1-8% CPU with black screen, then the problem might not be the graphic or CPU. It is the sound. hahahaha NOW BACK TO PLAY GENJI IN FULL HD.

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