Get Sixaxis working on Linux.

I have compiled PCSX2 in my Funtoo (Gentoo) system manually, since the Gentoo overlay didn't work.
I can get the emulator to boot just fine, but the sixaxis is not working.

I have connected it via USB, pressed the PS button and it has blinking lights, now, when I do "cat /dev/input/js0" I see random garbage, that means the controller is recognized and the system is receiving input.

But for some reason OnePad is not recognizing it, so I can't set up the controls, or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Do you have any ideas on what can I do?

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First use jstest /dev/input/js0 to test.
Then did you select the sixaxis USB option in onepad? (hint bottom right corner)
Here is a guide to getting the PS3 controller working on linux
You don't need anythings for PCSX2
1/ You plug
2/ you select sixaxis on onepads config (top)
3/ you enable sixaxis USB configuration
4/ you configure your controller as you wish
5/ you play

Note: I'm not sure if "fake" sixaxis are properly detected. In this case, give me the name (at the top) of pad detected by onepad.

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