Get Windows running on yr Mac: Bootcamp quick tips
You ought to check out pcsx2 running natively. . . If you own a Windows XP or 7 disc you really should try it out.

- If you have XP you may not be able to use it if you bought your Mac new recently as Apple stopped supplying XP drivers a year or two ago.

-If running OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later you and you're on a laptop you may not be able to use Windows XP (read online, something about partitions). You may need to erase your drive and install 10.6 (Snow Leopard) instead.

-You will have it much easier if you have the original installation discs that came with your Mac, as they contain the suitable Windows drivers. If you have a Mac that is 2 years older or more and need to run XP you may be able to find an older Bootcamp disk image on the net that may work for you, if you're lucky.

-If you have Win 7 but no Apple install disks you can download the drivers from Apple when you run Bootcamp Assistant in Mac OS and maybe Apple Software Update from Windows.

-Install Paragon NTFS drivers for Mac for full access to your Windows partition and the ability to set it as a startup disk if the Mac Startup Disk panel doesn't do it, and the ability to fomat partitions as NTFS with Mac OS Disk Utility. With some older Macs this may be the only way to select to boot into the Windows

- When the Windows install disc finally boots up, you should format the Bootcamp partition using NTFS (QUICK FORMAT) .

-After the Windows installation finishes and Windows boots up, you will be probably running in low resolution as the display drivers aren't installed yet. If using Win XP you will probably get a crapload of windows telling you about new hardware. Press escape as many times as needed to close them.
Eject the Windows disk by pressing the Eject button on the Mac and insert your Apple install disc and install the Bootcamp drivers.

- Go to Nvidia website and download the update for your graphics card. Best to let it detect your card, for which you'll also need to install Java, it's all fairly straightforward, it will send you to the Java page to do that. Use the CLEAN INSTALL option when installing the Nvidia driver!

-Install reFit for Mac OS X, which will enable you to select OS on boot time without having to remember to hold down the option key.

-Security is simple: Disable Windows Firewall and get Comodo or Zone Alarm free versions, do not use Norton or any commercial anti-virus. Don't download or install anything suspicious, don't click on suspicious things when online using Windows. Don't go online using Windows unless connecting to trusted web sites/servers.

All this is really worth doing , enjoy!

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Keep in mind, if you have one of the crappier macs with Intel series 4 graphics, you're screwed either way Laugh
Only Macs with NVidia graphics cards should be considered for games. No plastic Macbooks or old iMacs.
actually, my new macbook air with hd4000 is on par with my old mpb with 8600gt so it's not that bad Smile
Zedr0n, indeed the hd4000 chips do have a better support of opengl, but there are still a few issues with its support of fbo's and the such on both linux/windows.

Not sure if OSX is better/worse, but i would assume since apple is more stringent about its opengl requirements it would probably be better than what the former 2 have to offer at this point.
(09-01-2012, 01:03 PM)Colocon Wrote: Only Macs with NVidia graphics cards should be considered for games. No plastic Macbooks or old iMacs.

I have a MacPro with an ATI 5870. it plays games very well.

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