Get savestate version info
When I update to newer svn I rarely delete my savestates and at some point I have both working and not working save states.

So is there is some way to found which saves will work on the current pcsx2 I'm using and which not(without actually trying them one by one on each game)
I can get the into in the console which version states will works but how to check the save states

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sstatesman displays the version in hex
I saw the program but why\where the program tries to connect at startup?
(08-14-2012, 04:37 PM)vsub Wrote: I saw the program but why\where the program tries to connect at startup?

Hi, I'm Leucos, the author of SStatesMan.
First thing first, I don't know how to use connections and similar things in dotNet.

Yet, I noticed that SStatesMan seems to open a port in listening mode. This odd behaviour has been one of the problem I tried to track down. In the end I found the cause: I've enabled a dotNet project option to block multiple instances of the program.
Apparently the dotNet Framework uses this open port to tell if a previous instance of the application is running and send a message reporting that only one instance of the application can be open at the same time.

I apologies for the trouble, the new versions won't have this problem. With this little explanation I hope you can finally use my program without suspects.

Again, if you have problems/questions, please contact me using a PM or post a reply directly in the SStatesMan thread.
SStateMan - a savestate managing tool for PCSX2
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Ok but I found a way to do what I want long time ago.
You are probably doing the same with your program...look at exact address of the state to get the version number

From 0x38 to 0x3B
00 00 08 9A => 9A080000 which is the save state version that pcsx2 1.0.0 uses

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