Get weapons "addresses" in any game (Cheat Engine)
Hi, I'd like to find out the address of the weapon in the cheat engine program in some game. I will give an example of the game Forbidden Siren 2. In some stages I have a weapon with me, and in some I do not. Some characters can't even take weapons. Is there anything I can do to have a weapon at a stage where the character doesn't have a weapon? I hope you understand what I mean.

I apologize for my possible bad English. Smile

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Okay guys, so otherwise. I want have in PCSX2 (in game Forbidden Siren 2) "infinite run" for all characters, otherwise sayed "stages". Is there anyone who can create a cheat for me on "Infinite Run"?

I tried it, and I did it, but the problem is that I could only do it on a specific stage. So if I loaded another stage, the game crashed.

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