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Get xbox360 controller working
okay, i just got this emulator, and it all seems to be working fine. I just cannot figure out how to get my xbox360 controller working, or find a guide on how to

some help would be appreciated.

Edit: Nevermind, i figured it out, i had to use the ssspsx pad, instead of the lilypad.

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There's a wiki for LilyPad: LilyPad Wiki
Or you could just use the xpad plugin and be done with it.
Xpad has that issue with stick movement, remember? (Someone needs to fix that...)

Lilypad is fine.
Nope, I don't remember. >_<
Wut stick movement problem?
When you press up and left on the left analogue stick, often your character will move slowly when running Xpad plugin. It's apparently a combination of the sensitivity being too low, and faulty gamepad drivers from Microsoft. When using an X360 controller in other plugins, often the sensitivity has to be bumped up a notch.

I first noticed it when playing Persona 4.
Ah, is not faulty drivers. It's the circle/square thing (See graph). X360 controllers are just ment to be used with radius in mind instead of per-axis. I'll see about puttin' Pokopom's method in xpad, that should do the trick.

#EDIT: Done, see Issue 1328.
Cool, man. One tiny bug in PCSX2 down, eleven billion to go.

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