Getting or Cleaner visuals
So I got some of my ISO's running last night and enjoyed some basic gameplay. But now I'm wondering how some people get these amazing game clips where their games look clean, smooth and possibly upscaled. I've seen some videos looking great at 1080p 30fps and 60fps. 

I've checked around the forums but wasn't sure exactly where to post if this was just general setting tweaks or if I need to update add new plugins or whatnot. Please point me in the right direction if I"m in the wrong section. 

Games I'm looking to play / enjoy: Burnout 3 Takedown, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Midnight Club 2 and 3, Medal Of Honor Frontline and Mega Man X Collection. I own all the games and can rip my own ISO's. 

So far. Burnout 3 plays fine but all of the windshields have a weird rainbow effect on them and the sky glitchy on some tracks. Midnight Club 2 plays fine but the intro video and some of the cutscenes are jittery. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is pretty bad with distorted / coloured lines everywhere. I haven't tried the other games yet. 

I'm currently running:  (Taken from dxdiag)
Windows 10 64bit
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 six core processor 12CPU's 3.2Ghz
AB 350 Gaming Mobo
Access to DX12
Radeon RX 580 
HP 27 ES 27" monitor w/HDMI connection

If anyone could let me know how to start fixing some of these glitches and improve the visuals or point me in the right direction that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

- ES

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Burnout 3: config>plugin/bios selector>GS - Use AVX2 instead of sse2.

All games: Config>Emulation Settings>Speedhacks> Enable MTVU (maybe use the ee cyclerate hack as well)

NFS: Would need to see a screenshot since I don't have it.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Thanks for the response Nobbs. I'm currently using AVX2 for Burnout 3. Maybe its further settings from there that could be an issue?
I'll try enabling the MTVU and see if I can get a screenshot for NFS for you.


- ES

EDIT - here's the attached pictures for NFS. I turned on MTVU but that didnt help the NFS issue. I'll check other games and see if there are any improvements.

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Try skipdraw 1,4 or 5 for nfs.
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Motherboard: Asrock B85M - DGS
RAM: Hyper X Savage 2x8GB 1.6GHZ CL9
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Thanks lightning. Do I need to download those separately or are they bundled in with PCSX2?


- ES
No need to download.

Config->Video(GS)->Plugin Settings->Tick enable hardware hacks->Click Configure hacks

Then just input the numbers as stated above.
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Great! Thanks I'll give those a try!

- ES
Thanks everyone. I was able to get NFS working and looking solid and the sky glitch on Burnout 3 is gone.

Thanks for the help! Are there other benefits to activating some of those hacks?

- ES

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