Getting Ps2 Controller to Work
I'm trying to use a Ds2 and for some reason it just won't work. After resetting the bindings, a couple buttons work in game (x, circle, right joystick going left and right, R3, and start), but that's it. When I checked it on device manager it works perfectly, but I noticed that it seems to recognize the controller as a Ds3, I did try using a Ds3 before deciding to use a Ds2 adapter, could that be why? Should I uninstall drivers and then reinstall? If so where do I find the drivers?  I also tried unchecking the XInput, which didn't help at all. I'm rreeaaalllyy wanting to play the old Jap only released Monster Hunter games and pcsx2 is the best option to do so. (Getting Ds3 to work seems to be a nightmare that I'm gonna stay away from)

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DS3 works perfectly and easily with nightly builds
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