Getting a BSOD after running certain games
Hello, gentlemen

So, I can run games like Mana Khemia etc. fine, but when I ran Digital Devil Saga, I eventually got a BSOD and that computer got a fatal error. (fyi, these games run at like 60 fps for me, if that matters)
So, I ghosted my computer, and it worked fine with mana khemia etc., but then I tried Nocturne, and I got another BSOD, except this time, it wasn't fatal.
The microsoft error report for this was:
And, from now on, that computer crashes after like 5 minutes of running, regardless of whatever it's doing.
Now, I'll just ghost it again, but I'm curious why it causes my other computer to crash. I'm especially nub at using computers, but I assume that it may be changing/messing up my driver, almost the same way that starcraft 1 can make windows 7 crash.

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Mana Khemia is relatively... way easier to run than other games, while PCSX2 doesn't make those BSOD happen it can trigger some instability already existant in your PC and games like Mana Khemia being easier to run may just not be getting close to the instability.

It would be best if you try to find out what's the instability in your PC. As that links tell you, you could try updating the drivers for your hardware, scan your ram/cpu/gpu/hdd for errors with software that stresses them (IntelBurnTest is good to check CPU/Ram errors) or using windows restore. Could also be temperatures getting too high or other stuff, could check the temperatures you get while emulating the games with an app like CoreTemp.
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