Getting a better framerate in VP2
Hullo, I'm quite new to pcsx2 and am wondering if there are any configuration settings I could mess with to improve the speed of valkyrie profile 2 (undub, if it matters).

Processor: AMD Phenom x4 3.4ghz
Video card: Radeon HD 5770
RAM: 4 gb
OS: Vista
pcsx2 version: 0.9.7

pcsx2 settings are all at default except:
"Recommended" speedhacks are enabled.
Tri ace game fix.
Linuz ISO loader plugin.

With this I get ~50 fps in most areas, but it dips down to 40-35 in certain spots. If possible, I'd like to get a consistent ~50 fps. Any suggestions to boost performance without breaking the game?

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What is the configuration of the plugin video? Try putting in DirectX 10 (Hardware) and put in Native resolution.
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Full PCSX2 and plugin settings?

Try changing the VUs to superVU and maybe lowering the clamps (it's possible they lower compatibility later on), it is a very demanding game so you probably can't get much more of it.
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Quote:Full PCSX2 and plugin settings?
This you mean?

I messed with the VU settings as you suggested and I think I got about a 5 fps boost, which is good. If I can't get more than that, that's ok.

enable EE at 33% and see if that helps some.
Not sure what you mean there. None of the EE options I could find related to a percentage. :X
in the speedhacks he means...
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in the speedhacks there is a EE and VU try putting EE at 33% thats 2.. and activate loop and intc.. then put Vu to 1 and activate mvu flag hack.. try if it helps.. and make sure you are using the latest beta of the plugins.. you can get it at the download section of the forum.. use search function if u cant find it


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