Getting a new GPU soon &
One of these:

Just wondering if I'm likely to see a decent performance boost..?
Now don't get me wrong, for the most part the things I've tried run pretty well on my current rig, especially since I generally crank up the resolution x2 x3 & sometimes even x4 (depending on the game) and output at 1920x1200, but as you would imagine I get a fair amount of stuttering/slowdown when I start cranking up the resolution on certain games.. would this new card help with this?

i7 920 (3.8Ghz OC)
Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler
12GB Crucial Ram
2GB HD 5870
XFX 850w Pro Gold


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What is your current GPU?
I think that'd be the one listed with the rest of his specs. ;P

It certainly should improve resolution capabilities over your current.
Just remember you're going from a pretty high-end card, to one of the highest.
There still will inevitably be limitations among PS2 games with excessive scaling.

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