Getting higher internal resolution...
I've got a stock i7 920 and Radeon 4350, which can barely hold 60fps at 800x600. If I upgrade to a 5770 can I expect a significant performance increase (I want 720p with 120fps minimum), or will the CPU hold me back? OCing will require a new mobo and cooling system so I gotta know what I'm in for

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I suggest waiting and buying a 6770 or at least waiting for it to come out and push every other gpu down in price.

And it completely depends on the game. Yes you'll see significant performance increases with a 5770 but some games just won't run as fast as you like.
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The 6850 is about as much as the 5770 and offers much better performance so check it out. But as Hungry Man said your graphic card is not the only thing that determines the speed of the game. If you get 5770,6850 or whatever model you choose you will easily be able to run at 720p and probably a lot higher but the speed might stay at 60. You could check by running the game at native, that way you eliminate the gpu as a bottleneck and see what speed you can get if you upgrade.
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Thanks for the quick responses, very helpful... I had no idea a new card was about to drop (my current card probably says it all lol), guess I will wait for a price drop and decide between a 5770 or 6850 when the time comes, 60fps is good enough if it's locked solid Smile
It depends on the game you want to play. But yeah,
a 5770 class card will give you a bit of headroom for scaling.
As others suggested though, you'll want to wait and buy the 6850.
(Wait around 1-2weeks from now on, then check prices.)

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