Getting low performace/fps on some game, need suggestion.
Nice to meet you guys, I'm new here as for pcsx2 emulator.

According to the topic, I just played 2-3 games: Dragonbal Z budokai 1,3 and Dragonball Z Tenkaishi2. First game has performed very well; game always runs at 50fps with option 4x Msaa and 3X Native. However, the others did not run smoothly; they ran around 20-30 fps in some main scene with laggy audio even though I turn off every improving graphic option.

I'm not sure if this because my laptop spec is not sufficient for rendering the games or my configuration is improper, nevertheless I will provide the information as much as I can so you guys can analyze the problem accurately.

My laptop spec:

Notebook model: MSI GE60
CPU :I5 3210 Ivy bridge (3.00GHZ Boosted)
Graphic Chip :nVidia GeForce GT 650M (2 GB GDDR5)
Memory :8 GB DDR3

Setting details:
PCSX2 June25 (newest)
GSDX 5332 (MSVC 16.00,AVX) 0.1.16 [gsdx32 r5332]
- Direct 3D11 Hardware
(I'm sorry if I miss some solid information; you can tell me if I do.)

Thanks for your help very much,I hope that I will be able to play with better performance.

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Yeah it might be your processor, i5 mobile isnt and i5 desktop. this i5 is a 2 core I bet.
Try to down AA and resolution, x2 or x3 is playable. Some games are a lot more demanding btw.
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Tried enabling speedhacks?

By the way MSAA is buggy and you're better off with only 3X Native...

Or you can enable FXAA by pressing PgUp button on your keyboard...

Also, don't forget to change your laptop's power plan to High Performance

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