Getting rid of dummy files in DVD9 games?
Since I am emulating them I do not need the dummy files, I was wanting to shrink my files not to DVD5 but purely get rid of dummy files and any repeated data to save file space.

All the guides online seem to be how to change them to dvd5 which I dont want, I own the original discs that I rip to hard drive.

Apart from file side though is there any point doing this.

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It would be best to use PCSX2 compressed ISO feature. Dummy files are full of blank or very simple data so they compress down to practically nothing.
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And do you really think they will make the game to require DVD9 disk if they will add dummy files inside?
As blyss said,use compression...this will not only reduce the dummy files to nothing but it will also compress everything else.

Some games don't use dummy files but a false lba.
Some games can be shrunked by rebuilding the image with Gnie Xpert for example(there are other methods too)other rely on the lba so in the end the safest thing is compressing the image.
Would compression not use more resources though?

And the reason I want to get rid of dummy files as I remember back before emulation I had to fit Wild Arms Alter Code F onto single layer because the swap discs only worked for single layer games, the game without dummy files was about 5.5 gig and the full 8 gig with them.

I do have space left on my hard drive I use for emulation but good to shrink it, I dont care about actual compression due to the amount of space I have left but in the future I may eventually need it.
The amount of resources it uses is negligible.

If you really want to go about it the hard way and remove the files, google for tutorials on how to do it regarding HDLoader. I did that some back in the day and as long as you don't mess up the LBA it should work for PCSX2.

But yes that's totally the hard way. And not all games have dummy files. Dummy files were used to "push" the data further out to the edge of the disc where read speeds are higher(1 rotation of a disc is 1 rotation i.e. RPM, so for any given RPM more data travels past the laser the further from the center you are)
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