Getting some pretty bad lag on Sons Of Liberty.
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could maybe throw me a solution for my lag issues. It's funny because the cut scenes don't lag, and the menus are fine, but as soon as Otocon strikes up a conversation with me, or whenever I start the mission, I get a horrible amount of lag (I.E. My motions are slurred and choppy, the sound drags behind) Specs are below. Running on PCSX Version 0.9.8.


Graphix: ATI Radeon HD 3200

Processors: AMD Phennom™ 9750 Quad-Core processor

OS: Windows 7 x64

(if you need anything else, ask)

Settings for the plugins


GSdx 4600 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx-sse2-r4600)


Renderer: Direct3D9 (Hardware)

Interlacing: None

Resolution: Original PS2//Unchecked

Hardware Mode Settings

Texturing Filtering//Unchecked

Logarithmic Z//Checked

Allow 8-Bit Textures//Checked

Alpha Correction FBA//Unchecked

Software Mode

Rendering Threads: 1

Edge Anti-Aliasing (AA1)//Unchecked


(Page is empty, there are no options, just a gray box)


Mixing Settings

Interpolation: Nearest

Disable Effects Processing//Unchecked

Reverb Boost Factor: 1X - Normal

Enable Debug//Unchecked

Output Settings

Module: 1 -XAudio 2

Latency: 150 ms (AVG)

Synchronizing Mode: TimeStrech

Audio Expansion Mode: Stereo

Winamp DSP Plugin//Unchecked

EMU Settings


EmotionEngine: Recompiler

EE Cache//Unchecked

IOP: Recompiler


Round Mode: Chop / Zero

Clamping Mode: Normal


VU0: SuperVU Recompiler [Legacy]

VU1: SuperVU Recompiler [Legacy]

VU0 / VU1 Advanced Recompiler Options

Round Mode: Nearest

Clamping Mode: None

And that about does it for the specs. If you need anything else, just ask, as stated, and I'll gladly throw you more.

To get the two most obvious answers out of the way--

Yes, I have the latest update for DirectX installed

No, Speedhacks are not enabled. I'd figured that would only make things worse.

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Use pcsx2 1.0.0 check Resolution: Original PS2 and MTVU Hack but your GPU is weak.
That CPU is pretty weak, too. Perhaps you should try the speedhacks (try EE Cyclerate to 2 or 3, and possibly VU Cycle Stealing to 1 or 2).
Yeah, enabled the speed hack. Went up one dial by one and still nothing, it's not working.

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