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I've been trying to play Shadow of the Colossus on my computer for a while without any assistance, and I got pretty far as far as setting it up went. Then I realized my version of psx2 was ancient, so I went ahead and downloaded the latest beta version of it. I've saved the game to my computer as an iso because I have a tb and a half of space, don't question it e_e But my problem is, I don't understand how to run isos on this version. I knew to go to execute on the earlier version, but this time I think I'm lost. I go to iso selector, I pick the iso, and PSX2 says something like "Hotswapping to new ISO src image!" The game doesn't run or anything.
Am I completely off the mark on how to get psx2 to run or something? This thread's not about my computer specs, getting that out of the way now. I think I just don't understand how this emulator works as well as I thought I did.

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Under the CDVD menu click ISO Selector then Browse. A folder dialog box will open, navigate to where the iso is located, highlight it and click Open. To start the game click System then Boot CDVD.

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