Getting visual glitches around the edges of my screen during GoW cutscenes
[Image: MJemAcO]
I attached the image to this post let me know if it doesn't work, is the link just in case. The "artifacting" around the edge of my screen only happens in cutscenes and loading the game. It never happens elsewhere.
My rig is a ryzen 5 2600, RX 5700 XT latest driver, 16GB ram. 

Using direct3d11 hardware renderer upscaled to 4x native (1440p). God of war is running great aside from that distracting glitching around the edge of the screen. Under HW hacks I have 
Trilinear filtering set to trilinear and half pixel offset set to special (texture). Those are the only things I have changed in the hacks section and I changed them because without them I get vertical lines across the screen during all areas of gameplay. 

pcsx2 1.6.0

EDIT: Managed to fix that and all my issues. By switching to openGL hardware mode with these settings:

Set anistropic filtering to 16X, half pixel offset to normal (vertex), trilinear filtering to trilinear, round sprite to full, check merge sprite, and enable sparse texture.

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