Ghost Frame in Deadhunter Redemption
Well first of all I am on Aethersx2 (Android) but always read solved issues and points from this forum that helped me a lot. Since these two AetherSX2 and PCSX2 are the same engine, I want to ask my question here. (But it would be cool to create an Android sub forum here)

I have Ghost or double image issue in this game currently, I have applied half-pixel offset to full but still a minor noticeable ghost available on characters of game. Is there any patch or something for?

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The team has been in contact with the maintainer of AetherSX2. We are working to ensure rules are being followed and the release will be as smooth as possible. The PCSX2 Team is not directly involved with development and is limiting itself to consultation only at this time.

Any official news about AetherSX2 will come from the developer Tahlreth's account on Reddit (u/tahlreth) or the AetherSX2 subreddit (r/AetherSX2).

The developer has informed us that NO release will be made as a raw APK, nor has any public nor beta nor alpha APK been distributed. If you encounter such an APK, DO NOT use it.

In short, ask Aethersx2 author. it's none of our concern
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