Ghost Rider patch problem
ExclHello guyz i have a little problem on this game: Ghost Rider , you know that when you start the game with pcsx2 it will appear a screen with a head in fire and it will freeze there is a patch made by prafull to skip that thing so you can paly the game , the bad news are that the patch is only workin on a very old platform of the emulator the pcsx 0.9.5 and it doesnt work on the 0.9.6 or 1888 beta or a newer one, i just wanna play the game on the newest rev of the pcsx2 because its faster and less buggy than the old 0.9.5 Sad(

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The patch should work independently of the PCSX2 version. I believe that patch only works on the US (NTSC) version of the game, what region of the game are you trying to play?
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I use the NTSC version and when i run the game nothing happens. console window show an error ' (EE) Tlb Miss , addr=0x20001300 (load) (EE) PC : 0x003bcbc0 Cycle: 0x308a0ec9 ,but in pcsx2 0.9.5 an
old version the patch works i dont know why and i wanna play the game on the newer pcsx versions Sad( Please helpSad
Quote:The patch should work independently of the PCSX2 version.
Not really, addresses have changed in newer betas. You'll need to find Prafull to fix the patch for you. Post it here in case someone else can help you
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I gifted the game to a friend. Will contact him tomorrow and if possible check the currect status of this game.
Ok guyz so parfull i think a new patch is needed.... the patch you wrote on a thread long ago isn`t working on new vers(0.9.6 1888r 2xxx r )...

So ?...
So prafull did you find out what` s the status, do we need a new patch ?
Maybe give him more than 1 day? He's not your employee you know...
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I`m sorry i wait, i didn`t want to upset you... but it already 4 days since he said he chesks the status of the game and i was worried Smile
You were worried at day 1, not day 4 tho Tongue
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