Ghost effect when greater then native resolution applied in Resident Evil 4
Here's a problem I noticed playing Resident Evil 4 (NTSC-U); not sure if it's a game specific problem or not.

When a non-native internal resolution is being used, there's a sort of "ghosting" effect around objects; this is especially noticeable on anything that moves.  The effect grows worse as the internal resolution increases; 4x ghosts worse then 2x.  Every gsdx hardware backend is effected; tested with OGL, D3D11, and D3D9 for kicks and giggles.  The software backends are N/A since they always render in the native resolution and are not effected by this issue.

Here's a link to an example from Resident Evil 4, OpenGL HW backend at 4x native resolution, latest developmental build of PCSX2:

The effect is clear around Leon's gun, though you can also see it around his outline.

Enabling the Half-Pixel offset hack (normal works fine) more or less eliminates the problem.

If this is a game-specific thing, then this should probably be added to the game wiki.

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Ghosting can pop up in lots of different games and I am happy it was a simple fix for this one. Honestly probably a lot of games need updated in the wiki (if there is a easy fix for it some games are not so lucky)

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