Ghost image on screen after battle in digital devil saga 2 HELP!!!
Alright, Whenever I exit a battle in Digital Devil Saga 2, there is an overlaying ghost image of where the screen was prior to battle. AS you can imagine this sucks hard core, so I'm trying to figure out how to fix this.

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Your problem is most likely a slow computer but it's hard to tell since you left that information out Tongue2

One tip I can give you already: Update to PCSX2 0.9.7!
Well, I have a good computer, new graphics card, great processor, 6 gigs of ram. it's not my PC. and I do have 0.9.7, And the FPS isn't my problem now.

Whenever I exit a battle in Digital Devil Saga 2, There is a ghost picture overlaying the screen...... how do I get rid of this????
Software rendering or native resolution in GSdx.
The Native resolution doesn't do anything, and Software rendering brings me to 20 FPS..... that's a joke.

So my options are see through objects, transparent pictures, or unplayable framerates??? wow. Sucks.

How did that shadowlady get hers to work? Ugh... Guess I'm doomed
maybe she has a good computer ?
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And so I went back to an older gsdx, and it works. Graphics are good, no weird images, no weird transparency, there is some lag here and there but I can deal with it if it doesn't get too rough.

I would like to reduce lag with settings, if anyone can help me with that.

Looks like I'm on the right track though.
And your current PC specs and PCSX2 settings are? What kind of lag do you get?
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No version of GSdx has the see through stuff working correctly. That is a fundamental issue.

the ghost picture must be a GSdx texture cache issue then, DDS1 also had it a while.
Only software mode can fix that, and sw mode IS slow even on the best computers.
Guess you should keep using your older version if that doesn't show the ghost image.

The lag is always a hardware limitation, so yea, specs PLEASE.
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