Ghosting in games, stuff renders late in some too
specs: 2080
          9900k 5ghz
          32gb ram
So ive messed with some settings, mainly it shows in midnight club 3 when driving fast. But even just walking in vice city had its ghosting. And a lot, Midnight club was first showing artifacts and after spending an hour or 2 turning stuff on and off this is what ive left. In midnight club theres been plenty of times that a car just renders so late it literally like teleports in front of me causing me to crash. It all gets worse the faster i go, and i be banging those gears in my jdm bro. There will be no cars and then i just have one spawn in front of me. Doesnt happen like that on the ps2 version i played on my ps3. Would like opinions guys id appreciate it.
Renderer: direct3d 11
Adapter: 2080
Interlacing: automatic
Texture filtering: bilinear (forced excluding sprite)
Accurate DATE and GPU palette conversion are checked,
anisotropic filtering is greyed out
Dithering: unscaled
Mipmapping: automatic
CRC hack level: automatic
Blending accuracy: basic
Advance settings and hacks is enabled but no settings inside are checked. When i enabled the hacks the artifacts went away, i then tried some of the options inside but it didnt make or difference or made it worse. I didnt try them all but i tried a few
For shader configuration i have texture filtering display checked and thats it.

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