Ghosting/motion blur effect in Sly Cooper 1
Hi, everyone! First time posting. I've been trying to use PCSX2 for years. I'm so happy a lot of progress has been made. A year ago I was able to fully play through Persona 3. And with the 1.0 release, Final Fantasy XII now works near-flawlessly. I'm beside myself with glee. But since I like pressing my luck, I'm now trying to get some other games running well, and currently I have an issue with the first Sly Cooper game.

There's a rather heavy and distracting motion blur effect (while moving around) that doesn't seem be present when I play my copy of the game on my console or on any gameplay videos on youtube. Maybe it was much less noticeable on CRT TVs?

[Image: coopernoblur.png]

In this picture, I'm not moving the character or camera. Things are already kind of fuzzy but I wouldn't say blurry.

[Image: cooperblur.png]

Here, I'm moving the camera, causing a heavy blur. It's quite noticeable but harder to see in a still picture. However, check out the door with the red icon in the back. It's double-vision!

If I have to, I'll play the game pretending that Sly Cooper is a hopeless drunk, but it'd be nice to get rid of the blur!

So far I've tried everything in the hacks menu, including Alpha and Skipdraw 0-4. 5 or above results in the game glitching out beyond playability.

Thanks for your time and thanks again for excellent emulator.

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I believe this is normal, and just more visible because of upscaling and pc monitors instead of TVs. Did you try GSdx software mode to see how that looks?
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