Gigaherz's FMVTool2 (yes, v2!)
I'm proud of announcing I have finally decided to publicly release this, after it had been taking dust in my project folder for months.


So far it's no different than the original FMVTool, xcept this new version is coded in C++ using wxWidgets for the GUI.

It's most probably full of bugs. That's why it's still alpha.

NOTE: The preview stuff is NOT implemented.
NOTE2: There's many different ways in which games mix mpeg2 video with non-standard audio, and none of them will work in standard mpeg2 players which aren't aware of these special video formats used in the ps2, so don't expect your videos to "just play" after extraction.

Download Page
Project homepage (sources are GPLv3)

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That's nice, specially the speed extracting from ISOs is pretty good and got some FMVs I wanted to store long ago. I gotta admit I never used the old FMVTool so I don't know how much of it worked Tongue

Some extracted FMVs didn't seem to work at all in my usual player, does it need a special player/decoder or something to play?
The preview part doesn't do anything or I'm missing something?
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Nah preview isn't coded at all. Main reason it's Alpha and not Beta Tongue
The ps2 FMVs usually contain either PCM audio or ADPCM, neither of which are officially supported in mpeg2, so players dont' know how to handle them.
On top of that, some games use "custom" interleaving, without using a mpeg2 stream at all (for example grandia3 does it that way), which makes it even harder to "process". In that case you probably need to split the video and audio and then remux them manually. or use some tool specifically for it.
Ah ok yeah found a guide for that with the old FMVTool should work the same as it's only needed for extracting but that preview would be pretty handy if you get it working for those files that don't show easy, anyway good work and thanks.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I new version of FMVTool yeah! Thanks gigaherz.

Just a question. Those this version works better with DVD9? I notice with the older versions i couldn't get all the FMVs from games that are on DVD9.

Hm.. I'm not sure how would it react with a dvd9. Most of the searching code is ported directly from the old version. it will need checking.
Thanks for the reply.

Well I scaned with the Linuz Iso v0.9 and it worked! Amazing! It dosen't work with the other plugins though.

The game I scaned is Samurai Warriors 2 XL. With the other plugins it find 7 FMVs With Linuz Iso one it found All of them(101 FMVs).

Do you know a good player to play the files with sound? I can't seem to find any. I used VLC, GOM player and PSS player and theres no sound.
I tried to split them with PSS demux and PSS plex and it dosen't work.
Someone in ngemu mentioned MPC, apparently it has the abiilty to play the audio from some ps2 game videos, but if you seek then it "loses" the track and it can't continue.
As I explained in the first post, it depends a lot on which game's videos they are, since each game has its own way to encode the audio data. There is at least 4 different and incompatible ways I know of, possibly more.
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